Obama’s State of the Union- In Wordle Form!


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obama state of the unionWhat are the main ideas of Obama’s speech?

8 Things You Should Know About Blogging


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I just joined the Teacher Blogging Challenge and my first challenge is to write a post about blogging. Here are 8 Things you should know about blogging…

  1. Link within posts where appropriate.
  2. Blogs are wonderful ways to communicate with parents and administration.
  3. Keep the Theme simple at first until students understand the layout of a blog.
  4. Having students comment on lessons gives the teacher feedback and accountability.
  5. Teach digital citizenship along with blogging so students are safe online.
  6. Pictures add so much to a blog post!
  7. Always use tags and categories to organize the blog.
  8. Blogging creates a purpose and audience for students and teachers.

Here is a Wordle I created showing the major themes mentioned in our blog.


What Defines Us?


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On our first week of GATE class, we created circle maps to define ourselves in context.  I typed up all of our definitions and created the Wordle below.  A Wordle is a “word cloud” that gives more prominence to words that appear more frequently.  What trends do you notice??

Wordle: GATE