World Water Usage


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Today we will use 3 Depth and Complexity icons to explore world water usage as we Think Like a Hydrologist…

language-32rules-32You learn the difference between fresh and saline water and its distribution on Earth, as well as the very small percentage that is available for human uses. What percentage of Earth’s water do you think is fresh, and what percentage do you think is saline?  Examine the online maps of our world’s water (and related graphs) to visualize the quantities.

trends-32Now we are going to look at the world’s water usage. Start with the first map showing the world land area as it changes to a population map.  What do you notice? 

World Water Use

World Water Use

Finally, browse some of the other cartograms referring to water.  (Put water in the search box). What trends do you notice?

What Defines Us?


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On our first week of GATE class, we created circle maps to define ourselves in context.  I typed up all of our definitions and created the Wordle below.  A Wordle is a “word cloud” that gives more prominence to words that appear more frequently.  What trends do you notice??

Wordle: GATE