How to create a great Prezi


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Some of you are creating Prezis for your project.  Check out this Prezi created by Adam Somlai-Fischer:

Water Cycle


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by: Sophia and Maria-Paula

Our project on the water cycle has been finished and edited. The 6th graders have already seen it, but if anybody else wants to see it go to open house April 28.

How will you show what you’ve learned??


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We have been studying Natural Disasters for a few months now and it’s time for you to show what you know!  You will become experts on one natural disaster and work in small groups to share the information you have found. Within each small group, you will collaborate to prepare a natural disaster preparedness presentation containing the following information:


  1. What are characteristics of the natural disaster?
  2. What warning does it give?
  3. What was the most memorable historical incident involving the natural disaster studied? When did it occur?
  4. Where else has the natural disaster occurred?
  5. Explain what can be done to prepare for the studied natural disaster.
  6. Explain the steps to take if a disaster occurs.

Presentation Options

Presentations should creatively show what you’ve learned.  For example,

Today, I need to know your plans.  Fill out the form below with your group.

6th Grade: Which ePals project should we do?


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map-graphics This year we will be doing a learning project with countries around the world. After looking over the possible projects on ePals, please comment as to which project you would like to do and why. Is there a particular country you would like to communicate with?