New Part of My Life: Stress!!!


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by Jennifer, 6th GATEr

Wow! It’s going to be tough now! I feel so stressed out because of 7th grade! I don’t think I’m ready for it yet! It’s a big jump because 6th graders will soon be considered Pre-teens! Right now, what I fear the most is about how I will do at Rancho. I have to get good grades on my CST to be in the class I want to be in. *Sigh*  Well, what do you think 6Th GATErs?? What are your opinions about 7Th grade???

“I feel sorry for them…” IT’S TIME TO ACT NOW!!!


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by Jennifer, 6th GATEr

We all know how devastating the situation of the dirty water is. Well, instead of just saying, “I feel sorry for them,” let’s come to action! Maybe the GATErs could buy a wristband from the website. At the bottom, there was a link that leads you to a place where you can donate money by purchasing a wristband or simply just donating money! Why don’t we give it a shot?

Back to School!


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by Jennifer, 6th GATEr

We’re finally back to school! How was everyones break? My break was fine. I went on a family trip to Carlsbad Caverns National Park and my friend from Korea came.

When we got back to school, we found a gate around our school! Although it is for our safety, I dislike it very much. It’s kind of like jail because in front of our classrooms, there are gates! What do you think about our new gates?

Thanksgiving Break!


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by Jennifer, 6th GATEr
Our school will be having a Thankgiving break for a week!!! Yeah!!! I know it will be a break for the 6th graders because on Friday we will have finished our 3-day writing test! After we come back,though, we will have our MAPS test. So make sure to rest the whole week!!!

We’re Back!!!


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By Jennifer, 6th GATEr

The 6th graders have just gotten back from 6th grade camp! (That includes me!) Most of us were tired, and we were happy we came back home, but more and more people want to go to camp! I want to go to camp, too, but with my family so that I don’t get homesick! What do you think?

READ IT!!!!!!


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By Jennifer, 6th grade
Hello! We are GATE students and our goal is to get as many people as we can and let our readers comment about our blogs. We encourage you to read our blog because you can learn more about interesting topics, such as water and natural disasters. So, please read us and leave a comment. PLEASE!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!