Water Documentaries: How will you show what you know?


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The culminating activity will be to create Public Service Announcements about water. You can choose to create your public service announcements independently or in groups up to 4.  The following are sample requirements for the PSAs.


Your audience: your peers
Your goal: Create a Public Service Announcement
Think: What do you think is important for kids your age to know about water?

  1. Provide information about water;
  2. Tell about at least one aspect(s) of the world water crisis;
  3. Propose ideas for how your peers can help;
  4. Give your PSA a catchy title that would make people want to watch it;
  5. Suggest ways others can learn more about the subject.



How will you show what you’ve learned??


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We have been studying Natural Disasters for a few months now and it’s time for you to show what you know!  You will become experts on one natural disaster and work in small groups to share the information you have found. Within each small group, you will collaborate to prepare a natural disaster preparedness presentation containing the following information:


  1. What are characteristics of the natural disaster?
  2. What warning does it give?
  3. What was the most memorable historical incident involving the natural disaster studied? When did it occur?
  4. Where else has the natural disaster occurred?
  5. Explain what can be done to prepare for the studied natural disaster.
  6. Explain the steps to take if a disaster occurs.

Presentation Options

Presentations should creatively show what you’ve learned.  For example,

Today, I need to know your plans.  Fill out the form below with your group.

Natural Disasters Wiki


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Today we are going to start a wiki to write down what we know about Natural Disasters.  A wiki is a webpage that people use to build knowledge together.  Since we are going to be doing this project with kids from across the country, we will use this wiki to share what we are learning from our ePals.

Today you will use the wiki to write about what you already know about a particular Natural Disaster. 

Click here to see the Natural Disaster Wiki.

Natural Disasters: Making Conjectures


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Our 5th grade Inquiry project is on Natural Disasters.  We had a discussion about what a natural disaster is and how it differs from a man-made disaster.

Today I would like you to make some conjectures about the causes of natural disasters.  A conjecture is a scholarly guess based on prior knowledge.  It’s okay if you’re not sure.  At the end of our unit we will look back and revise these initial conjectures.

MH900403862What do you think are the causes of natural disasters?

My conjecture is that __________ is/are caused by _____________.

Help us make learning come alive!


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I am so excited about the Inquiry Projects each grade voted on. I think they are all equally interesting and I can’t wait to see what we are going to learn.

–4th grade: Global Warming
–5th grade: Natural Disasters
–6th grade: Water

Parents/Community- if you or someone you know works in any of these areas, we would love to learn from them! We could email them, Skype, or invite them in as guest speakers.

Ok, 4th Grade, which project are you going to pick?


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After reviewing the global learning projects on ePals, I would like to vote for your favorite one and tell me why you picked it.

The World of Technology


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Technology is changing so quickly. There are so many exciting things to learn with technology. What are some unanswered questions you have about technology?

What are we going to be learning about this year?


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  • Edublogs:   This will be a great communication tool between parents, teachers, students, the administration, and the world!  This blog will be used for the overall program. 
  • Thinking Maps visual teaching tools that help students organize their thinking based on brain-research.
  • Inquiry and Investigation: a process of asking questions, refining conjectures, and expanding learning.
  •  ePals Global Community:Dimensions_of_Depth safe collaborative technology for schools to connect and learn in a protected, project-based learning network. With classrooms in 200 countries and territories, ePals makes it easy to connect learners locally, nationally or internationally.
  • Digital Citizenship: Lessons will help students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice safe and ethical behavior online.
  •  Dimensions of Depth and Complexity:  a method for differentiating content.  Each dimension is represented by an icon and is used to facilitate the learning of content at different levels of sophistication.
  • ???

What else would you like to learn about this year?