Don’t forget to correctly cite your sources!


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I have noticed that some of you are listing Google, You Tube, or Wikipedia as a source.  These are just search engines that help you FIND your resources.  Below is the correct way to cite your sources:

“Types of Volcanoes.”  Enchanted Learning. 8 January 2011

You must include the name of the article, the name of the website, the date you visited it (approximately) and the web address.  This will give credit to the person(s) who gave you that information.

Citing Your Sources


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When a scholar learns something from a resource, he/she needs to give credit to the source.  Watch the video below to learn about copyright. 

If you use parts of someone else’s work (document, website, book, picture, music or video) you MUST give them credit.Here is an example of how to cite a website that you used:

“Types of Volcanoes.” Enchanted Learning. 8 June 2005 <>

How do you know that??


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MH900365800Today you will be taking notes in your Thinking Maps about your Natural Disaster.  Remember to write down the resources you used to help you answer the question.  If you used a website, you will need to write down the following (for example):

“Types of Volcanoes.” Enchanted Learning. 8 June 2011

Need resources?  Check out our wiki page that I started on resources or just start searching!