Global Warming Vokis!


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Check out the Vokis our 4th GATErs made!
by Dariush
by Evan and Midori
by Alejandro M.
a song by Cole
by Jared and Noah

4th GATErs: How will you show what you’ve learned?


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You will need to create presentations that explain how people can reduce global warming. Advocacy presentations will:

Demonstrate understanding of:

  1. the causes of global warming
  2. one effect of global warming;
  3. what is being done to contain that effect

Include calls to action – with specific action plans, such as conserve water by…., reduce energy use by …, reduce pollution by…, etc.

How will you creatively share what you’ve learned??

  • MH900304331PowerPoint
  • Video
  • Poster
  • Thinking Maps
  • Song/Rap
  • Voki
  • ????

Decide with your group and then leave me a comment below about your plans.  Include your group’s names.  Then, you may get started!!

What can we do to reduce global warming?


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MP900437180Today we categorized a list of Top 50 Things to Do to Stop Global Warming into a Tree Map. In the frame of reference we put deforestation and greenhouse gases because those are the causes.
How are you going to help stop global warming? Research what you will need to do in order to help stop green house gases and deforestation.

Time to Email Your ePal!


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Our ePals live in Chicago, Illinois and they have already written to us!!  
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Today you will read their emails and respond with what you’ve learned so far about global warming.  You will need to write at least 2 paragraphs:

  1. Introduce yourself.  Tell them a few details.
  2. Tell them what you have learned about global warming so far.  Answer any questions they asked and ask them a couple of questions.

Click on the picture below to go to ePals. epals_GC

Causes and Effects of Global Warming


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MultiFlowMapToday we will create a Multi-Flow Map as we discuss the causes and effects of global warming. We are going to use this Interactive Map by National Geographics to help us look at possible effects from multiple perpsectives.

An Invitation on 10/10/10


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In searching for information to support us in our 4th grade project on Global Warming, I found a group called 350.0rg that is hosting a party to help fight global warming.  What is 350? 350 is the level of CO2 in the atmosphere that is safe.  Right now we are at 390 ppm.

What can you do to help?

Top Ideas For 10/10/10 Events

  • #1 Organize a Tree Planting
  • #2 Go Solar
  • #3 Work on a Community Garden or an Organic Farm
  • #4 Go For a Bike Ride
  • #5 Harness the Wind
  • #6 Get Efficient
  • #7 Do a trash cleanup

Please take pictures, draw a picture, write a post about what you did to help with Global Warming! I will turn it in to to show them!

PS- This doesn’t have to be just 4th grade!

Ok, 4th Grade, which project are you going to pick?


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After reviewing the global learning projects on ePals, I would like to vote for your favorite one and tell me why you picked it.

Be Comfortable


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Today we learned completed a lesson from Cyber Smart in which we learned that

  • Just like in the face-to-face world, there are good and bad places and people in cyberspace.
  • Described and compared comfortable and uncomfortable feelings.
  • Identified strategies for responsibly managing uncomfortable online situations

How are people and places in cyberspace like people and places in the face-to-face world? 

What are some words that describe feeling comfortable? uncomfortable?

What should you do when you get an uncomfortable feeling online?

Hello World!


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IMG_0979I am a teacher and learner at heart.  I have a total of ten years experience as a teacher, coach, trainer, and educational consultant in Southern California. I have had the pleasure of teaching Early Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and coaching teachers in 2nd- 5th grades. This school year (2010-2011) I will be teaching Technology in the mornings (K-6) and GATE pull-out (4-6).   I have a unique experience working with a variety of districts, schools, teachers, parents, and students!!

With each group of scholars that I teach, I find something to learn. Thank  you for taking the time to read our blog! Email me! [email protected]