Internet Safety Pledge:

I will use the Internet responsibly.  That means making smart decisions about what I look at, who I talk to, and what I say.  I pledge to be safer online by following these rules:

  1. I will tell my trusted adult if anything makes me feel sad, scared, or confused.
  2. I will ask my trusted adult before sharing information like my name, address, and phone number.
  3. I won’t meet face-to-face with anyone from the Internet.
  4. I will always use good netiquette and not be rude or mean online

Commenting on blog posts

  • Scholarly comments only.  Remember that this is a LEARNING blog.  (NO, “Dude, beeee a good citizen, yo.”)
  • Write a relevant comment that is related to the post.  (NO,  “You are my best friend.”)
  • Read over your comment for spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Use your first name or initials, but never give out more personal information than that.

Posts that don’t follow the above guidelines will not be approved by Mrs. I.