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Here are some of the Prezis some of the GATErs made for their end of unit presenation.  I am so impressed!

By Jayna, Alayah, and Samantha, 5th GATErs


By Deanna, 6th GATEr

by Alecs, 6th GATEr (using depth and complexity)

Global Warming Vokis!


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Check out the Vokis our 4th GATErs made!
by Dariush
by Evan and Midori
by Alejandro M.
a song by Cole
by Jared and Noah

Did you know?


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frontofschool3rd grade Excel students are creating a digital storytelling movie about our school! They are creating the content and recording everything! The final product will be entered into a contest for the city of Chula Vista. To find out more about this fun project, check out the district’s website.

Help Needed


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The Mad Science Workshops are coming up, but we may not have enough money to pay for it.  $5 donations per student would be greatly appreciated before the event so I know how much money we have.  If we are unable to raise the money, would someone be willing to do a small fundraiser?  Right now we need about $115 to cover the cost.  Thanks!


McMillin Highlighted at Board Meeting


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McMillin-Feb2011-BoardpresentationOn February 15th, our school was highlighted at the Board Meeting.  Mr. Mora shared about our school.  To visit the presentation, click here  2_15_11__McMillin_Oral-In_Process1.

One of our 6th GATErs, Melissa, gave the follwoing speech:

Salutations; my name is Melissa.  (Jordan) and I are here to talk to you about how McMillin supports us inside and outside the classroom.  The Gifted and Talented Education program, otherwise known as GATE, is an extraordinary program where we get the opportunity to learn about advanced topics in more depth.  For instance, we are expanding our learning about water by incorporating technology. 

My next 3 topics were made possible by our wonderful PTA.  First off the fall festival, where we came together and developed different ideas and made our fall festival a successful community event.  Movie night.  Just the thought of a movie, popcorn, and coffee with friends and family makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  That’s the feeling the McMillin PTA conjures.  Every time we get families coming together and just spending time together and creating memories, that’s what’s important.  Last but not least, the Idol Show.  The Idol Show is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents with family and friends.  I would ike to end this by telling you what an honor it is to be here today.  Thank you.

Mad Science Update


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Here is a list of people who have reserved a spot (as of 3/22) for the science workshops. There are only 34 spots available for each workshop, so be sure to reserve your spot!

Mineral Mania Tuesday, April 5 (4th and 5th grade)

  1. Emily
  2. Sophia
  3. Luis Enrique
  4. Alejandro M.
  5. Alexander S.
  6. Drew H.
  7. Kayla B.
  8. Midori
  9. Creeshayne
  10. Joseph
  11. Eramis
  12. Brianna
  13. Stefano
  14. Roberto L.
  15. Zakary J.
  16. Cole S.
  17. Karisia
  18. Renna
  19. Yda A
  20. Alejandro A.


Slippery Science Wed. April 6th

  1. Dylan K.
  2. Sarah G.
  3. MiaMH900287501
  4. Ashleigh
  5. Cameron
  6. Jennifer M.
  7. Madelyn
  8. Andrew D.
  9. Rachel
  10. Jamie V.
  11. Micaela
  12. Bethany
  13. Erica H.
  14. Zachary P.
  15. Alayah S.
  16. Audrey S.
  17. Virginia R.
  18. Kathleen
  19. Samantha
  20. Jordan
  21. Alecs
  22. Luis Enrique
  23. Melissa B.

Thank you to the families who donated $5!  If you lost your flier, PARENTS can sign up their children here.

Gifted Learners vs. High Acheivers!


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Last night Dr. Appel gave us a handout on the difference between these 2 types of learners.  He stated that a student can be HA(high-achieving) and not be GATE; while a GATE student can be a HA or not. They can overlap or be mutually exclusive.

Characteristics of High Acheivers

  •  Remembers answers; needs 6-8 repetitions to master
  • Is attentive and intersted; highly alert and observant
  • Works hard to achieve and learns with ease; comprehends at a high level.
  • Performs at the top of the group; absorbs information
  • Is accurate and complete; memorizes well.
  • Understands complex and abstract humor
  • Enjoys school often and enjoys the company of age peers
  • Works hard to achieve and generates advanced ideas
  • Completes assignments on time; answers questions in detail
  • Is a technician with expertise in his/her field; responds with interest and opinions


Characteristics of Gifted Learners

  • Needs 1-3 repetitions to master and prefers the company of intellectual peers.
  • Poses unforseen questions and is curious
  • Ponders with depth and multiple perspectives; infers and connects concepts
  • Creates complex/abstract humor and is intense
  • Initiates projects and extensions of assignments
  • Enjoys self-directed learning and is original/continually developing
  • Is an expert who abstracts beyond the field; guesses and infers well
  • Is self critical and may not be motivated by grades
  • Is intellectual and anticipates/relates observations

Source: B. Kingore, 2003. High Achiever, Gifted Learner, Creative Learner.  Understanding Our Gifted.

Announcing: GATE Parent Meeting


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MH900056645McMillin will be hosting a guest speaker, Dr. Morgan Appel from UCSD. He will be discussing the socio-emotional characteristics of the gifted child. Please join us on March 15 at 9-10am or 5-6pm in the auditorium. Hope to see you there!

Water Cycle


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by: Sophia and Maria-Paula

Our project on the water cycle has been finished and edited. The 6th graders have already seen it, but if anybody else wants to see it go to open house April 28.

Elements of the Water Assignment


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MH900437669Your assignment is to create a public service announcement that shares something about water to your peers.  Here are some examples of questions you may want to answer in your project.

What is water?

What is the water cycle?

Why is water important?

What problems does the world face with its water supply?

How much water do I use?

How do I use water?

Who else wants to use water in my community?

What water ecosystems are affected by my water use

Where does my water come from?