How will we be evaluated?


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Today you will start working on your end of the unit project for Water.  We will be working on this for about a month during GATE time, so be creative!  These projects will be shown during Open House. 

What am I looking for?  Click to see the rubric from ePals.

How will you show what you’ve learned??


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We have been studying Natural Disasters for a few months now and it’s time for you to show what you know!  You will become experts on one natural disaster and work in small groups to share the information you have found. Within each small group, you will collaborate to prepare a natural disaster preparedness presentation containing the following information:


  1. What are characteristics of the natural disaster?
  2. What warning does it give?
  3. What was the most memorable historical incident involving the natural disaster studied? When did it occur?
  4. Where else has the natural disaster occurred?
  5. Explain what can be done to prepare for the studied natural disaster.
  6. Explain the steps to take if a disaster occurs.

Presentation Options

Presentations should creatively show what you’ve learned.  For example,

Today, I need to know your plans.  Fill out the form below with your group.

Time to Email Your ePal!


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Our ePals live in Chicago, Illinois and they have already written to us!!  
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Today you will read their emails and respond with what you’ve learned so far about global warming.  You will need to write at least 2 paragraphs:

  1. Introduce yourself.  Tell them a few details.
  2. Tell them what you have learned about global warming so far.  Answer any questions they asked and ask them a couple of questions.

Click on the picture below to go to ePals. epals_GC

Ethical Issues with Water


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ethics-32In all likelihood, you have never struggled to obtain safe, fresh drinking water.  You probably have always considered water a natural, limitless resource, but one BILLION people do not have access to clean water to drink.  This is a huge ethical issue because it is killing many people.  According to the World Water Council,

…the right to water is indispensable for leading a life in human dignity, but often denied in developing as well as developed countries.

Today we will explore the ethical issues having to do with water. Click on the banner below to explore and then return to the blog to comment on what surprised you the most.

What Affects the Water I Use?


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1. Today we are going to look at the land and water in our community. We are going to learn about our watershed and what affects the water.  What is a watershed?

2. Explore the map of our Otay Watershed. What are the major water-related ecosystems (lakes, wetlands, estuaries, rivers, watersheds, ponds, oceans, streams) in our community?


3. Write down 2 more facts about the Otay Watershed.

The History of Natural Disasters


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Today we are going to explore the history of Natural Disasters in the world. I wonder which countries had the most human casualties from disasters? I wonder which Natural disasters happened more often? I wonder…?
Search for the history of natural disasters and then post a comment on the blog. You will be sharing this information with your ePals in your next email (or on the wiki if you are not doing ePals).

Who Else Wants Water In My Community?


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We have observed and analyzed our own personal water use. The average American person uses 150 gallons per day.

Today we are going to look other groups of people that need water in our community.
-Residential (homes)
-Industry & Commercial (business)
-Agriculture (Farming)

Check out these resources.  What do you notice?  Write down your findings in your notebook so you can share this with your ePals.

For homework: (Due by 11/30)

Email #2

  • Respond to your ePals’ comments and questions.
  • Ask your ePals questions and make comments about your ePals’ prior emails.
  • Tell your ePals about the community in which we live. Explain what community water needs are most prominent in our community.
  • Wiki (for those not doing ePals):

    Choose a linked word or words on the wiki  to write about.

    4th GATErs: We have ePals from Turkey!


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    flagstown-turkey-car-flagI am so thrilled that I finally found a school that will be our Global Warming ePals partners.  They are from the country of Turkey!! Take a look at where they are from on the map below!
    View Larger Map    We will start emailing them on December 1st!!

    ePals Email Rubric: Reading, Writing, and Thinking about Topics with an ePal


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    Today you will need to send off an email to your ePals.  If you do not finish it today, it will need to be done by 11/11 as homework.  MP900404986

    What am I looking for?

    Organization:  Well-developed paragraphs that are detailed.

    Clarity: Both the overall meaning and the supported details are clearly presented.

    To see the rest of the rubric, click here.

    Time to Email your EPal!!


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    Last week you learned about the top 3 Natural Disasters in San Diego.  Today we are going to hypothesize about what natural disasters you think are more likely to happen in North Carolina where our ePals live?
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    In the email

    1. Introduce yourself.  Tell them your age and gender; family size and members;  and favorite things to do. 
    2. Share your research on natural disasters so far.  DO NOT TELL THEM THE TOP 3 DISASTERS IN OUR AREA!! They will be guessing about that later.   
    3. Tell them your hypothesis for their top 3 disasters and why you think that.