8 Things You Should Know About Blogging


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I just joined the Teacher Blogging Challenge and my first challenge is to write a post about blogging. Here are 8 Things you should know about blogging…

  1. Link within posts where appropriate.
  2. Blogs are wonderful ways to communicate with parents and administration.
  3. Keep the Theme simple at first until students understand the layout of a blog.
  4. Having students comment on lessons gives the teacher feedback and accountability.
  5. Teach digital citizenship along with blogging so students are safe online.
  6. Pictures add so much to a blog post!
  7. Always use tags and categories to organize the blog.
  8. Blogging creates a purpose and audience for students and teachers.

Here is a Wordle I created showing the major themes mentioned in our blog.


Take a peek!


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What are other schools blogging about?  Take a peek 00336806 into other school blogs by scrolling down the sidebar to the list of links to other blogs! Leave them a comment.  Recently we got a comment from Miss Nichol’s 6th grade class (see recent comments).  Let me know if you commented on other blogs!

Student Blogging: Challenge #2


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There are lots of fun options for Challenge #2 that you can try while you are off on Fall Break.  You can do things like create an avatar or Voki, comment on other blogs, or write posts for our blog.  Have fun and let me know if you try one!

Better Blogger participant

Consider The Following


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by Kaela, 6th grade

Please consider the following because it means a lot. As you can tell by the title this is a GATE blog, this blog is made to allow others understand what u do in GATE and what it is. If you do not know what GATE means it means Gifted and Talented Education. With our wonderful teacher, Mrs. Ibrahim, we are learning about how to organize our thoughts with thinking maps. Thank you for considering the above.

We are participating in the Student Blogging Challenge 2010 and this post is part of Challenge #1

Read All About It!!!


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Hello fellow G.A.T.E. students! If you are reading this, you have been looking at posts! You should read our blogs so you can learn about stuff. You can learn about nature. We are going to learn about water. I hope you read and post more blogs and I will see you on the blog. :D

READ IT!!!!!!


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By Jennifer, 6th grade
Hello! We are GATE students and our goal is to get as many people as we can and let our readers comment about our blogs. We encourage you to read our blog because you can learn more about interesting topics, such as water and natural disasters. So, please read us and leave a comment. PLEASE!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!