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Here are some of the Prezis some of the GATErs made for their end of unit presenation.  I am so impressed!

By Jayna, Alayah, and Samantha, 5th GATErs


By Deanna, 6th GATEr

by Alecs, 6th GATEr (using depth and complexity)

Presentation Progress


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MH900140541We have been watching 5th and 6th GATErs do their end of unit projects for a couple of weeks  now.  So far we’ve had PowerPoints, videos, Vokis, demonstrations, and Prezis.   I am so impressed so far with the work you have done so far! We’ve had some technical difficulties sharing some of your projects and I apologize for that.  I can’t wait to publish some of them on the blog.  If yours is polished and ready to go, leave me a comment so I can post it on the blog!

Water Cycle


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by: Sophia and Maria-Paula

Our project on the water cycle has been finished and edited. The 6th graders have already seen it, but if anybody else wants to see it go to open house April 28.

Elements of the Water Assignment


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MH900437669Your assignment is to create a public service announcement that shares something about water to your peers.  Here are some examples of questions you may want to answer in your project.

What is water?

What is the water cycle?

Why is water important?

What problems does the world face with its water supply?

How much water do I use?

How do I use water?

Who else wants to use water in my community?

What water ecosystems are affected by my water use

Where does my water come from?

Citing Your Sources


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When a scholar learns something from a resource, he/she needs to give credit to the source.  Watch the video below to learn about copyright. 

If you use parts of someone else’s work (document, website, book, picture, music or video) you MUST give them credit.Here is an example of how to cite a website that you used:

“Types of Volcanoes.” Enchanted Learning. 8 June 2005 <>

How will we be evaluated?


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Today you will start working on your end of the unit project for Water.  We will be working on this for about a month during GATE time, so be creative!  These projects will be shown during Open House. 

What am I looking for?  Click to see the rubric from ePals.

Water Documentaries: How will you show what you know?


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The culminating activity will be to create Public Service Announcements about water. You can choose to create your public service announcements independently or in groups up to 4.  The following are sample requirements for the PSAs.


Your audience: your peers
Your goal: Create a Public Service Announcement
Think: What do you think is important for kids your age to know about water?

  1. Provide information about water;
  2. Tell about at least one aspect(s) of the world water crisis;
  3. Propose ideas for how your peers can help;
  4. Give your PSA a catchy title that would make people want to watch it;
  5. Suggest ways others can learn more about the subject.



Solutions for the Water Crisis


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How can we help solve this water crisis? Watch the video below to see one innovative way people are helping. Brainstorm other viable solutions for increasing water availability to those most in need. Then, discuss how we with an abundance can conserve.

Water Bills!!!


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According to the article below, San Diego City Council may be raising the monthly water bills for typical homeowners up 6.4 percent to $72.03, starting March 1. Knowing this, how much is a typical water bill now? Is your family higher or lower than this?

Council to vote on water rate increase Monday – San Diego, California Talk Radio Station – 760 KFMB AM – 760kfmb.

“I feel sorry for them…” IT’S TIME TO ACT NOW!!!


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by Jennifer, 6th GATEr

We all know how devastating the situation of the dirty water is. Well, instead of just saying, “I feel sorry for them,” let’s come to action! Maybe the GATErs could buy a wristband from the website. At the bottom, there was a link that leads you to a place where you can donate money by purchasing a wristband or simply just donating money! Why don’t we give it a shot?