Tree Octopus??


Posted by Mrs. Ibrahim | Posted in Technology, Thinking Maps | Posted on December 6, 2010

In Technology Focus, we examined a website about the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.  First we made a circle map to share our IMG_0671prior knowledge about octopi.   This website made us feel very skeptical because our prior knowledge told us that an octopus lived in the ocean.  So we searched for other resources that had information about this tree octopus.  We looked in books, encylopedias, movies, and other websites, but we couldn’t find it anywhere.  IMG_0669

We concluded that this website was fictitious.  What was the author’s purpose?  What have you learned from this lesson?

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Yes.. I totally got stumped. At first I thought it was real, but after seeing the picture of the one in the Christmas tree, I knew it was a fake.

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