Who Else Wants Water In My Community?


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We have observed and analyzed our own personal water use. The average American person uses 150 gallons per day.

Today we are going to look other groups of people that need water in our community.
-Residential (homes)
-Industry & Commercial (business)
-Agriculture (Farming)

Check out these resources.  What do you notice?  Write down your findings in your notebook so you can share this with your ePals. 



For homework: (Due by 11/30)

Email #2

  • Respond to your ePals’ comments and questions.
  • Ask your ePals questions and make comments about your ePals’ prior emails.
  • Tell your ePals about the community in which we live. Explain what community water needs are most prominent in our community.
  • Wiki (for those not doing ePals):

    Choose a linked word or words on the wiki  to write about.

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