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Posted by Mrs. Ibrahim | Posted in 4th GATErs, Global Warming, Inquiry, Science | Posted on October 5, 2010

In searching for information to support us in our 4th grade project on Global Warming, I found a group called 350.0rg that is hosting a party to help fight global warming.  What is 350? 350 is the level of CO2 in the atmosphere that is safe.  Right now we are at 390 ppm.

What can you do to help?

Top Ideas For 10/10/10 Events

  • #1 Organize a Tree Planting
  • #2 Go Solar
  • #3 Work on a Community Garden or an Organic Farm
  • #4 Go For a Bike Ride
  • #5 Harness the Wind
  • #6 Get Efficient
  • #7 Do a trash cleanup

Please take pictures, draw a picture, write a post about what you did to help with Global Warming! I will turn it in to to show them!

PS- This doesn’t have to be just 4th grade!

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I agree with you because if we don’t make a difference in the world the whole entire earth would not be the same. The things I do are recycling and put things where they belong. i hope more people visits your post, so more people can make a difference and visit our blog at and by the way nice post.

Over the past few days I have been outside and went for a short yet relaxing bike ride and I also persuaded my parents to buy and use flouresent light bulbs, which saves a lot of energy. Please go green or else Earth may end up like the movie Walle!

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